Audio Mixing and Mastering Services

  • Stereo Mastering and Stem Mastering
  • DDP Image, ISRC
  • Formatting for Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud & Tidal
  • Album Sequencing
  • EQ, Compression, Transitions and Fades
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Limiting
  • High Quality WAV, AIFF and MP3 formats
  • Mastering to Vinyl

What We Promise

  • Loudness Without Squashing
  • Preserve Dynamics
  • Punchiness Without Pumping
  • Clarity Without Harshness
  • Warmth Without Dullness
  • Pristine Without Dirtiness
  • We Make It Sound Distinct!

The Environment We Master In

When it comes to the equipment, we only use the best to bring your music to life. All of our equipment cables we utilize are custom Mogami for clear signal pass-through. The room that we use is acoustically treated and tuned by Auralex Acoustics to ensure perfection when mixing your music. 

We’d love to help make your music sound distinct!