What Is An Auxiliary Send – How To Use FX Send On Mixer

Are you familiar with auxiliary send and returns? If you’re from the old-school analog mixing console days you will be. If not you might want to learn how these can benefit you. I see a lot of producers just throwing effects directly on their track and controlling things with the dry / wet knob. That’s fine and can work but you could be missing out on some key tricks that you can do with auxiliary send and returns. 

0:00 Start
00:44 Introduction
02:00 Examples of Aux Send and Return
05:09 Using Automation and Aux Sends
06:033 Using Parallel FX


    1. Introduction- What are auxiliary send and return tracks?
    2. Examples of Aux Send and Return-  Here I share examples of using aux send and returns.
    3. Using Automation and Aux Sends – Combining automation with your send and return tracks.
    4. Using Parallel FX – How you can create parallel processing with send and returns.

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