What Do Dynamics Mean In Music

In this video Freddie from Distinct Mastering explains what dynamics mean in music. He then shows examples of why dynamics are important. In today’s world where streaming platforms reign king, dynamics can affect how your music is affected by the loudness normalization. Streaming platforms use loudness normalization to control the end users volume. As a result the volume of songs uploaded to the platform can get turned up or down depending on the target level the platform is trying to achieve. Mastering with dynamics for streaming platforms is important. For instance, it is very common for songs to lose all the punch and clarity by crushing the dynamics and supplying that file to streaming platforms. As a result, make sure you’re not one of the victims of the loudness normalization. This video goes over the basics of what you need to know about music dynamics and why they can be important to pay attention to.


0:00 Start
00:38 What Does Dynamics Mean In Music
00:58 Sheet Music Terms For Dynamics
01:34 Mastering with Dynamics
01:52 What is a Transient
02:07 Dynamics In Music Examples
04:32 Outro


  1. Dynamics In Music – Definition of dynamics.
  2. Sheet Music Terms For Dynamics – Basic music theory discussion about dynamics.
  3. Mastering With Dynamics – Discussion about the difference between mastering music with dynamics.
  4. What Is a Transient – Definition of a transient and how it relates to music dynamics.
  5. Dynamics In Music Examples – Examples of various songs and visual representations of the dynamics. Included, is a brief example of what loudness normalization could be doing to your music.

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