Use Distortion to Enhance Your Tracks!

Are you tired of bland, lifeless tracks? Do you want to add some edge and character to your music? Then you need to learn how to use distortion creatively!  Distortion is a popular effect used in music production to add grit, warmth, and character to tracks. Here are some ways you can use distortion to enhance your tracks:


  1. Add harmonic richness: Distortion adds harmonics to a sound source, making it sound thicker and rich. Use distortion on various instruments like guitars, bass, synths, and vocals to add warmth and character to your tracks.
  2. Create new sounds: Distortion can transform a sound source into something completely new. Experiment with different types of distortion, such as overdrive, fuzz, and saturation, to create unique sounds that can add grit and interest to your tracks.
  3. Add more excitement and energy: Distortion can add excitement and energy to instruments. If you us it on elements in your mix like drums, percussion, and bass you can give more presence and impact to those tracks in the mix. You might even try using it to bring tracks to life or make a bland-sounding track cut through and blend well in a busy mix.
  4. Balance a mix: Sometimes a mix can be too clean and polished. Distortion can add a rough edge to a track, giving it some drive and grit. Be sure to use it sparingly to add balance and interest to your mix.
  5. Use automation: Try automating the amount of distortion applied to a track over time. This can create dynamic movement and interest in your mix. You can also play with distortion effects automated over short periods of time.
  6. Try parallel processing: Parallel processing involves sending a copy of a sound source to a separate track and adding distortion to the copy. Blend the distorted and clean versions together to add depth and interest to your mix.

Remember, with distortion, it’s easy to overdo it. Use it sparingly and make sure it serves the song well. Always A/B test your effects before and after processing to ensure you like it and try to level match for the best comparison. 

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