Top 9 Black Friday Music Production Software Deals In 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is almost here! Today I give you my top nine deals to look out for in music production deals. I hand picked these deals from past purchases or things I personally use quite often in my music productions and I took into account which companies have the best sales as well. Also, planning to keep you updated as we get closer to the sales on what other plugins to look out for or what I might personally be looking at this year. 


0:00 Start
00:38 Introduction
01:13 Black Friday Sales Info
01:45 Universal Audio
02:56 Waves
04:11 Native Instruments
04:54 Soundtoys
05:43 Output
06:29 Arturia
07:26 Fabfilter
08:01 Cableguys
09:22 Plugin Boutique


  1. Introduction – An introduction to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Music Production Sales.
  2. Universal Audio – One of our favorite plugin companies always does a Black Friday sale on their plugins. Stock up and learn some of my favorites!
  3. Waves – Everyone has some Waves plugins and they always have a great Black Friday Sale on their plugins.
  4. Native Instruments – Native Instruments offers some of the best soft synths and it’s a great time to purchase their bundles or bundle upgrades..
  5. Soundtoys – Learn which Soundtoys plugins I love and why their bundle is such a special deal on Black Friday.
  6. Output – In my opinion, the most advanced soft synth company in my opinion.
  7. Arturia – Get their classic bundle at an amazing price. Great for new producers.
  8. FabFilter – Some of my favorite plugins period.
  9. CableGuys – This is a unique plugin company and learn why.
  10. Plugin Boutique – They offer tons of great deals at this plugin portal site.

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