Singomakers Kick Tweak – Kick Drum Plugin

This week I’m going to share a new favorite plug in of my called Kick Tweak by Singomakers. It’s basically a kick drum enhancer, but it can do much more. I’m not typically a fan of the “one knob” style plug-ins and although this isn’t quite a one knob unit, it’s limiting features pack a punch.

0:00 Start
00:39 Introduction
01:10 Design Variation
01:22 Plug In Overview
02:10 Examples of Kick Tweak


  1. Introduction – An introduction to Kick Tweak by Singomakers.
  2. Design Variation – Multiple views you can use on Kick Tweak.
  3. Plug In Overview – An overview of Singomakers Kick Tweak.
  4. Examples of Kick Tweak – See Kick Tweak in action!

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