How to Duplicate A Track on Pro Tools – Don’t Make the Duplicate Panning Mistake

Are you one of those producers who actually duplicates a track pans one to the left and then another to the right? If you are, let me guess, someone told you this saved you time while recording? Maybe you thought it was a good way to double up a sample?  Stop that today because you could be doing more harm than good. I share the reason why this method is going to be problematic for your mix, and how doing it the right way will always end up with a better result. 


0:00 Start
00:52 Introduction
01:03 Properly Double Up Your Tracks
03:45 How Duplicating a Track
04:25 The Problem with Duplicating Tracks and If You Do What To Do


    1. Introduction- Intro to getting a balanced mix.
    2. Properly Double Up Your Tracks – I share why the real method of doing doubles is always the best.
    3. How Duplicating a Track – You can easily duplicate a track in a DAW. I show you how to do it in Pro Tools but what you do with it after matters!
    4. The Problem with Duplicating Tracks and If You Do What To Do – Are you making this mistake? If you do duplicate they say you should slide the duplicate over but I show you how thats still not as good!

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