Get My Tracks Wider – Widen My Mix

Wondering how you can get your tracks wider? Today I’m going to share a bunch of different methods to get your tracks wide in your mix. I also discuss what you need to be looking out for when using some of these plug ins and tricks so you don’t lose information when summing to mono. If you need some more ideas on getting wider tracks in your mixing then this video is for you. 


0:00 Start
00:40 Introduction
00:58 Widening Tools
02:36 Haas Effect
04:17 Send and Returns
07:15 Process Left and Right Different
09:34 Panning
12:40 Mid/Side EQ


    1. Widening Tools- Using your basic widening tools is the easiest way to achieve stereo width.
    2. Haas Effect –  The Haas effect is another way you can achieve wider tracks in your mixes.
    3. Send and Returns – You can use send and return effects creatively to create space and wideness.
    4. Process Left and Right Different – This is another method to create some more space and separation which in turn creates wide tracks.
    5. Panning – Panning layers can give you more width.
    6. Mid/Side EQ – A very hidden gem is using Mid/Side EQ to get width.

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