9 Tips to Get Loud and Clear Masters

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when recording your own music is mastering. It is the process of taking a finished track, making it sound professional, playable on all playback devices, and getting it ready for distribution. This means removing any unwanted frequencies, applying EQ to make sure the overall balance sounds good and using compression to bring out certain elements in the mix. The final steps involve loudness and then getting the final preparation done for distribution.

Mastering is a complex process, and it’s one that takes years of experience to perfect. It requires trained ears and a professionally tuned environment. However, there are some core principles that you can follow to make sure your music sounds as good as possible. In this video, I explain 9 easy and basic tips for beginners to master their own music.


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  1. Very clear explanation brother
    I want to learn more about mastering and is the right mastering tools for mastering..
    I’m new here…..

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