6 Creative Reverb Tricks YOU Need to Know | Part 1

We have a two-part series on six creative ways that you can use reverb in your music productions. In part one, we discuss a classic reverb swell, reverb early reflections, and an octave shimmer-up trick. Are you familiar with some of these tricks? Level up your music productions with reverb tricks and stay tuned for part two next week.

Classic Reverb Swell
Also known as the reverse reverb swell. This trick is very common and very famous. Once you know what to listen for, you’ll hear the reverse reverb effect all over popular music.

But some people may not know how to do it. The real trick to doing this is you have to use the reverse tail you create.
Watch the complete video to learn how to do reverse reverb swell step by step.

This is a cool trick I use all the time. It doesn’t have to just be used with vocals. You can use this with synths, you can use it with drums, you can use it with drum hits. You can make your own transition effects with tricks like this. If you’re not using this trick you’re missing out.

Reverb Early Reflections
You can use this if you don’t want a big reverb tail but you just want to get some nice room tones or plate tones. This is a cool trick to try. It’s just grabbing those early reflections of the reverb and using it differently.
Check out how I did it step by step in the video.

Shimmer Octave Up
The third trick for creative ways to use reverb is to shimmer up one octave. This introduces the enhanced harmonics of the input signal.

Follow along with the video to try the reverb shimmer effect on your own.

This is how you can scale up your music production skills.

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